When to contact us

If you are alone at home and struggle with acute psychological difficulties due to the corona situation, you can get into contact with a psychologist using the form underneath. Please already include some information about your situation and a way to contact you, preferably a skype name or a phone number you use with whatsapp.

What to expect

During this first contact our psychologists will have a short call with you, offering some hands-on solutions for e.g. stress-relief or other symptom focused tips. In case your difficulties are too serious, they will help you to see a psychologist in person or online for a longer and, if necessary, regular contact.


This service was set up as an additional way to contact us during this special times with the idea to create a low barrier access to our psychologists. We are not providing free counseling service by volunteers nor are we a 24/7 emergency hotline. Instead we offer a short callback, listen to your situation and symptoms, might provide you with some hands-on tips and estimate whether you could profit from regular sessions with a psychologist. In case of the latter we would also advise you in regards to questions about insurance and payment.

Response times during vacation periods, weekends and nights

Sometimes an answer to your inquiry might get delayed. In case you are experiencing an urgent situation and deal with suicidal thoughts, we would like to recommend you the 113 hotline using this link. In emergency situations, also if they are psychological, you should always call 112. If you are very worried about someone clos, you should also call 112.


Contact our SOS Callback team