The Netherlands and especially the Randstad area are traditionally home to many international companies, organizations, employees and students. Despite the fact that individuals with a different cultural background run a higher risk for suffering under psychological difficulties, finding treatment in other languages than Dutch can be hard, including unfeasible waiting times.



PEP International wants to create relief for clients with a different cultural background not only by adding to the number of practices that offer support in English and other languages but also through close cooperation with organizations and professionals who are in contact with internationals. Additionally, we provide information in connection to psychotherapy in the Netherlands on our website that might otherwise be hard to find in other languages than Dutch.


For whom?

PEP International is offering treatment especially for – International students – Expats as well as their children – Clients with a different cultural background living in the Netherlands in general


What do we offer?

Short and effective psychotherapeutic treatments (BGGGZ) for common psychological issues. We are furthermore specialized in offering support for problems especially seen in expats and internationals, as for example psychological reactions to occupational stress. Additionally, we also offer longer treatments (SGGZ) for more complicated issues or if more support is needed. Next to psychotherapeutic treatment we also offer diagnostic services for example to conduct Autism Spectrum Disorder or AD(H)D assessments.


How fast can we start?

We strive to work wıth short waiting times, currently you need to wait one week for an intake and the treatment starting shortly afterwards.


What are the costs?

In general, your Dutch or international health insurance will cover the treatment in the majority of cases. If you are not insured for a specıfıc treatment, do not want to go through your insurance or due to other reasons, we will charge the standard rates defined by the Dutch Healthauthorıty (NZA).


The PEP International Team

All psychologists at PEP International have been trained in the Netherlands and hold diploma(s) from Dutch universities. They offer therapy in their first language as well as in fluent English. Coming from different cultural background themselves they are very aware of expat related problems, with some of them also having done research on this topic. We are working in Noordwijk under the umbrella of the well-established PEP Groep.