Find a general practitioner

Dutch health insurances only cover the cost for psychotherapy, if you had been referred to it by a general practitioner. In case you have a health insurance from another country, it is possible that this step is not necessary.

In any case, if you need to find a general practitioner, please refer to this website (in Dutch) to find one in your surrounding area

Most general practitioner’s offices will be communicate in English, so do not hesitate to just pick up the phone or write them a mail.

Furthermore do many Dutch cities maintain expat centers, generally located in the city center with employees capable of speaking multiple languages and helping you to get the information you need.

Get a reference for psychotherapy

If you feel you might have the need or think you could profit from psychotherapy, get an appointment with your general practitioner disclosing your complaints. You might also directly ask for a reference for psychotherapy. He or she will write you a reference that will make sure your health insurance will cover the costs for the sessions.

Get an appointment

If you got the reference, you are free to make an appointment with our practice. You can either call us directly or request a recall using the contact form.

While making the appointment we can also provide you with more detailed information about how much of the costs for the sessions will be covered by your health insurance, as this might differ per person.

Appointments without references

It is also possible to pay for psychotherapy session yourself, if you do not want to go through a GP. In these cases we will handle the hourly rates specified by the Dutch Health Authority (Nederlandse Zorgautoriteit).